Saturday, September 24, 2011

You've Got Cancer!

I had been bleeding abnormally on and off for months, horribly the previous week which is why I went to see my gynecologist.  Enjoyed a painful ultrasound and endometrial biopsy - "I'll call you with the results at the end of the week."  And, let's face it.  Anytime your doctor does a "biopsy", that mental door has, if not opened, at least become unlocked.

Two days later the nurse called - could I come that morning to go over the test results with the Dr.?  And, if possible, would I bring my husband.  Uh oh.

So, 4 days ago I began to acquaint myself with my uterus.  The "roughly lemon-size" organ that has seen fit to turn on me.  Apparently, it turns on lots of women my age (53).  Fortunately, it has the grace to announce it is having a problem early in the process, which is why it is "the kind of reproductive cancer you want, if you have to have a reproductive cancer".

It has long been my belief that these kinds of things are more difficult on the loved ones than on the actual patient.  I still think that's true.  At least in my case it is.  My husband has already told me if I die, he will kill me (aww, so sweet).  However, I fully expect to revisit this balance of difficulty once I reach the next phase of this - the surgery.

The lining of the uterus, the endometrium, as the cancerous cells grow, bleeds.  Not all bleeding automatically means cancer, it can be, and often is, benign.  In my case, not benign.  But the early bleeding is why this is often caught early enough to cure.  And, in this case, that means a hysterectomy.  Everything out - uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries.

Pretty much this is the focus of my brain now.  We meet with our Gynecologic Oncologist (hereafter referred to as the Gyn-Onc) on Thursday, 9/29.  I'll have loads of information after that meeting.  At least I think I will.  Now I'm in the process of writing down my questions as they occur to me...and the question this morning is pain meds.  This will be a critical aspect of my surgical recovery - and it occurred to me to ask her view on it.  Wouldn't it just suck to assume she was on the same page, only to find out as I'm being released from the hospital that she doesn't believe I'll need anything more than a few Tylenol?

I welcome any comments, suggestions and questions - I have only one rule, and it is inviolable.  BE NICE.

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